recorded by Martin Bisi at BC Studio

Wrekmeister Harmonies - The Alone Rush (Thrill Jockey) 2018White Hills - Stop Mute Defeat (Thrill Jockey) 2017 Hiram-Maxim - Ghosts (Aqualamb) 2017Barbez - For Those Who Came After:Songs of Resistance from Spanish Civil War (Important) 2017Cinema Cinema - Man Bites Dog (Labelship) 2017Larkin Grimm - Chasing An Illusion (Northern Spy) 2017Natural Velvet - Mirror to Make You (Friends) 2017Brandon Seabrook - Needle Driver (Nefarious Industries) 2016EULA- Wool Sucking (Famous Swords) 2015Invisible Things - Time As One Axis (New Atlantis) 2015Martin Bisi - Ex Nihilo (Labelship) 2014Psalm Zero - The Drain (Profound Lore) 2014Frogbelly and Symphony - The EYE (Labelship) 2013Violent Femmes - We Can Do Anything (Add It Up Productions) 2013Barbez - Bella Ciao (Tzadik) 2013Cinema Cinema - A Night at the Fights (Lumiere Label) 2013Pop. 1280 - Imps Of Perversion (Sacred Bones) 2013White Hills - So You Are…So You’ll Be (Thrill Jockey) 2013White Hills - Frying On This Rock (Thrill Jockey) 2012 Controlled Bleeding - Odes to Bubbler (Winged Disk / Soleilmoon) 2011Laura Ortman - Someday We'll Be Together (Lightning Speak) 2010Woman - Woman (Bang!) 2009Martin Bisi - Son Of A Gun (Black Freighter) 2009Bee And Flower ‎– Dust & Sparks (Morningrise) 2008Material - American Songs (EP - Celluloid) 1981 Material with Nona Hendryx - Bustin' Out (12"- Celluloid) 1981 John Zorn - Archery (Parachute) 1981 Massacre - Killing Time (Celluloid) 1981 Material - Memory Serves (Elektra Musician) 1981 Material - Temporary Music (Red Records) 1981 Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land [recorded] (Polydor) 1982 Fab Five Freddy - Change the Beat (Celluloid) 1982 Material - One Down (Elektra) 1982 John Zorn - Yankees (Celluloid) 1982 Bill Laswell - Baselines (Elektra Musician) 1983 Herbie Hancock - Future Shock [recorded] (CBS/Sony) 1983 John Zorn - Locus Solus (Rift) 1983 Nona Hendryx - Nona [recorded] (RCA) 1983 Don King - One Two Punch (Knockout) (Atavistic) 1983 Afrika Bambaata - Shango Message (12"- Carrere) 1983 V Effect - Stop Those Songs (Rift) 1983 The Golden Palominos - The Golden Palominos (Celluloid) 1983 Elliott Sharp - Carbon (Atonal Records) 1984 Curlew - Curlew (Landslide Records) 1984 The Ambitious Lovers - Envy [recorded/mixed] (Editions EG) 1984 David Moss - Full House (Moers Music) 1984Temper - No Favors (12"- MCA Records) 1984Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising (Homestead Records) 1985Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch - Death Valley '69 (12"- Blast First) 1985Rat At Rat R - Rock and Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R (Neutral) 1985Curlew - North America (Moers Music) 1985Live Skull - Cloud One (Homestead Records) 1986Sonic Youth - EVOL (SST Records) 1986Elliott Sharp - Fractal (Dossier) 1986Ciccone Youth - Into The Groove(y) / Burnin' Up (12"- Blast First) 1986Sonic Youth - Starpower (12"- Blast First) 1986Jim Jarmusch - Music for the Film: Down by Law [recorded/mixed](Criterion) 1986Blind Idiot God - Blind Idiot God (SST Records) 1987Rammellzee - Death Command (12"- 4th & Broadway) 1987Phantom Tollbooth - One-Way Conversation (Homestead Records) 1987Sonic Youth - MASTER-DIK / Beat On The Brat (12"- Blast First) 1987 Pig [J.G. Thirlwell] - A Poke in the Eye...With A Sharp Stick [mixed] (Wax Trax!) 1988Iggy Pop – Instinct [engineered] (A&M Records) 1988Last Exit - Iron Path (Virgin) 1988Ben Neill - Mainspring (Ear-Rational Records) 1988Foetus – Thaw [recorded/mixed] (Rough Trade) 1988Lydia Lunch / Thurston Moore - The Crumb (Widowspeak Productions) 1988Live Skull - Snuffer (What Goes On Records) 1988Spiral Jetty - Dogstar (Absolute a Go-Go Records) 1989White Zombie - Make Them Die Slowly [recorded/mixed] (Caroline Records) 1989Live Skull - Positraction (Caroline) 1989Material featuring William S. Burroughs - Seven Souls (Virgin Records) 1989John Zorn - Spy vs. Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman (Elektra Musician) 1989Swans - The Burning World (UNI Records) 1989Naked City - Torture Garden (Shimmy Disc) 1989Ball (with Kramer) - Trouble Doll [mixed] (Shimmy Disc) 1989Foetus - Sink (Some Bizzare) 1989Cop Shoot Cop - Consumer Revolt (Circuit Records) 1990Maceo Parker - For All the King's Men [recorded] (4th & B'way Records) 1990Bootsy Collins - Jungle Bass [recorded] (4th & B'way/Island) 1990Ginger Baker - Middle Passage (Axiom) 1990Arto Lindsay and Peter Scherer - Pretty Ugly [recorded/mixed] (Made To Measure) 1990EMF - I Believe (remix) (Parlophone) 1991Material - The Third Power (Axiom) 1991Cop Shoot Cop - White Noise (Big Cat UK Records) 1991Boredoms - Wow2 [recorded/mixed] (Avant) 1992Swans - Love of Life (Young God Records) 1992Foetus - Male (Big Cat UK Records) 1992Murder Inc. (with Chris Connelly and J.G. Thirlwell) - Corpuscle (Invisible) 1992Silverfish - Organ Fan (Creation Records) 1992Jarboe - Red (Sky Records) 1992Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions Later (Interscope) 1993Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album (Geffen Records) 1993Motherhead Bug - Zambodia (Pow Wow Records) 1993Boss Hog - Girl+ (EP- Amphetamine Reptile) 1993Material - Hallucination Engine (Axiom/Island) 1994Swans - The Great Annihilator (Young God) 1994Unsane - Total Destruction (Matador) 1994Helmet - Betty [recorded/mixed] (Interscope) 1994Lubricated Goat - Forces You Don't Understand (PCP Entertainment) 1994Alice Donut - Nadine (single - Alternative Tentacles) 1994Alice Donut - Dry Humping the Cash Cow (Alternative Tentacles) 1994Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem (Tzadik) 1995Foetus - Thaw (Thirsty Ear) 1995Ultra Bide - God is God, Puke is Puke (Alternative Tentacles) 1995Alice Donut - Pure Acid Park (Alternative Tentacles) 1995Fred Frith – Allies [recorded/mixed] (RecRec Music) 1996Body Lovers - Number One Of Three (Atavistic) 1998Bill Laswell and Peter Brötzmann - Low Life (Charly Schallplatten GmbH) 1998Bill Laswell - Hear No Evil (Meta Records) 1999Death Ambient - Synæsthesia (Tzadik) 1999Angels of Light - New Mother Fringecore 1999Cibo Matto - Stereo Type A [recorded] (Warner Bros.) 1999U.S. Maple - Talker [recorded/mixed] (Drag City) 1999Ex-Models - Zoo Psychology (X-Mist Records) 2001Clem Snide - The Ghost of Fashion [recorded] (spinArt) 2001Fred Frith - Music for the Film: Step Across the Border [recorded] (ReR Megacorp) 2002Angels of Light - Everything is Good Here (Young God Records) 2003The Flesh – The Flesh (Gern Blandsten) 2004The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls (Roadrunner) 2004Serena Maneesh - Serena Maneesh [mixed] (Honymilk Records) 2005Barbez - Insignificance (Important) 2005Dysrhythmia - Barriers and Passages (Relapse Records) 2006Dan Kaufman - Force of Light (Tzadik -Radical Jewish Music Series) 2007Alice Donut – Fuzz (Howler Records) 2007Beat Circus - Dreamland (Cuneiform Records) 2008Black Fortress of Opium - Black Fortress of Opium (Afyonkarahisar) 2008